Wednesday, July 25, 2018


The Transport Ministry needs to urgently look into the menace the motorcyclists are becoming on the road and to car drivers.
It has become hazardous for car owners to drive in the city or highways because motorcyclists have become the ‘king of road’.
Try driving to office in the morning and by the time you reach your office and if your car side mirror has not been brushed by a motorcyclist who weaves past you or shown the finger and abused by foul language, consider it your lucky day.
Gone are the days when motorcyclists rode their motorcycles on the far left side of the road. Today they can be seen weaving between cars, buses, lorries in every lane of the three or four lane road or highway.
They will honk at the cars to make way for them to whiz past and if they cannot pass, besides honking, they will knock or bang on your windows, knock your side mirrors and whiz away without a show of hand to say sorry and you will get abused too.
Besides, these motorcyclists will be coming at top speed and many have fitted their motorcycles with car horns and will honk at you with blaring sounds.
It is near impossible to change lanes because motorcycles will be whizzing past you on both sides.
Motorcyclists now not only use all lanes but also use pedestrian paths.
And if anyone of them gets knocked down while trying to get past you, it will be disaster as all the other motorcyclists will gang up together to accuse the driver of the car, bus or lorry, to be in the wrong. You can consider yourself lucky if you do not get beaten up.
Disaster is indeed waiting to happen daily because of the menace caused by the motorcyclists.
Before worst things happen on the roads of Malaysia, the authorities had better address the situation.
Having special motorcycle lanes alone is not enough because still do not use it and ride on highways.
We need constant patrolling by the police or JPJ officers  to ensure that Malaysian roads are safe for car users.

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