Thursday, October 14, 2010


Sponsor's pride..Bibiana Ng
This photograph of policewoman Bibiana Ng being hosited by supporters after she won the gold medal in the 10m air pistol event at the Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range appeared in the NST back page.
Notice Bibiana wearing the sponsored Bata track shoes.
This was a day after Bata's Datuk James Selvaraj, the Senior Manager of Bata Marketing Sdn Bhd, had taken to task Malaysian athletes and officials at the Delhi Commonwealth Games not wearing their sponsored leather shoes during their opening ceremony and the track shoes at the prize-giving ceremonies and other free time, as stipulated in their contract of sponsorship. (Read the earlier story here)
Today James was all smiles.
This is the kind of mileage sponsors seek for millions spent on sponsorship.
Image Bibiana wearing a show of her choice or comfort - what kind of mileage would Bata have lost.
Indeed, Bibiana is dream client for any sponsor.
Bata also needs to thank NST for having used that particular picture and also played it up on their back page.
Sometimes, sponsors depend on luck for their product to be displayed because there could be many winners on a particular day and a picture has to be interesting or capture the interest of the readers before it is used.
Of course the photographer played a key role to capture the right moment.
Thus, with so many factors involved before a sponsor gets some exposure in the media, it is little surprise when they get upset when sponsored goods are not used by officials and athletes.
For today, Bata's sponsorship of the Commonwealth Games contingent is virtually covered and James can rest easy when it comes to justifying to his bosses.
A thank-you is in line from Bata to Bibiana!....maybe more Bata shoes!


Anonymous said...

bagi la kasut yang bermutu sikit yang selesa.. bukan keras

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Bibiana Ng on winning the surprised gold medal in the women’s 10m individual air pistol event.

You have done our country proud by adding another gold to our medal tally. We like to see more of our athletes emulate your feet.

As sponsors we were really happy to see you wear the Power shoes and the picture in the New Straits Times today of you wearing the shoes says a thousand words.

We like to see more of our athletes wearing the sponsors uniform as it justifies us to carry on sponsoring our national athletes no matter of much it costs.

All the best to you and the rest of national athletes and keep the Malaysia flag flying.

Keep up the good job

Dato James Selvaraj