Thursday, September 24, 2009

Never judge the book by the cover!

From Selangor trainer in 1992, Windsor leads the two finalists out onto the pitch as the General Coordinator for the Final featuring France and Italy at the World Cup Germany 2006.

It is really funny how life turns out to be.

I still remember in 1992 when Winsdor John Paul was named as one of the trainers of Selangor, by then team manager Datuk Mazlan Harun. Almost every newspaper asked who Winsdor was?
What qualifications he had to be appointed as trainer and where did he come from?

I interviewed Winsdor and the story appeared in The Malay Mail dated 28th January 1992. Read the short article below:

Paul has what it takes

WINDSOR JOHN Paul  may be a new name to many soccer fans but he is
amply qualified to be Selangor's Semi-pro League trainer.
Selangor manager Mazlan Harun, instead of picking a coach, has
selected two trainers - Paul and Mohamad Shah Norbit.
Mazlan has also picked M. Chandran as his assistant.
Paul, who hails from Kedah, was a teacher in Terengganu before being
posted to Kuala Lumpur in 1990.
The 31-year-old was the FA of Malaysia coaches' instructor last year.
Paul wants a chance to prove himself.
"It is a great honour for me to be given a chance to work with a team
like Selangor," said Paul who holds a FA of Malaysia advanced coaching
certificate and an International Olympic Council Solidarity coaching
"I have always admired the Selangor team and since being in KL have
watched all the matches.
"The opportunity to work with them is something I have always dreamt
of and I hope to contribute to Selangor soccer."
Paul and Mohamad Shah will act strictly as trainees and carry out the
instructions from Mazlan and Chandran.


Today, there is total admiration and accolades showered upon Winsdor. My fellow bloggers have all written about Winsdor. Read the following:

Malaysian Sports and this, Jai Ho, As I see it and Fair Play News.

This is definitely not the last we have seen of Winsdor because he is too valuable a man to soccer and is too young to be showed to the pastures. He is a Malaysian who has put the nation on the world soccer map and we should be proud of him and salute him.

Let us hope that all his knowledge and expertise is used by Malaysia, to put Malaysian football onto the world arena.

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