Monday, August 10, 2009

Dream Community Soccer Programme

What Malaysian soccer needs to inject life into dwindling fortunes of the game, is a community partner like McDonald's.

McDonald's is the official community partner of the FA of England and the programme they have in place, is huge.

Those watching the Community Shield match last night, could not have missed the messages which was running on the background.

It certainly caught my eyes. Among them were:

Supporting football in our communities

Coaching over 1 million kids

Getting mums into coaching

20,000 coaches trained by 2010

Sponsoring 4,500 local clubs

Coaches who are working at the grassroots level must make it a point to log on to some of the links I have attached below.

This link has excellent football tips on how to support a child's football interest (read the guide for parents and carers under the FA England Respect programme. Play the videos...really interesting and relevant)

This is another insight of FA of England's vision of coaching for the future (Read here)

This is something Malaysia should seriously consider - Calling all mums (Read here)

Would it be wishful thinking for the FA of Malaysia to tie up with a big corporation to do a similar project in Malaysia.

If this happens, it will definitely address the problem of neglect at grassroots and secure the future of Malaysian football.

McDonald's for food for thought!

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