Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another one bites the dust

How low can we go?

That's the question on Malaysian sports lovers lips after the Malaysian sepak takraw teams loss to Indonesia in the semifinals of the World Cup Sepak Takraw championship in Kuala Terengganu last weekend.

Sepak takraw was introduced by Malaysia and we ruled the sports. Now Thailand rule, with Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore all being threats to our status.

Even in women sepak takraw, we have failed to make an impact.

Soon, we will talking about yesteryears when we ruled in sepak takraw, just like soccer and hockey.

Something drastic has to be done soon to stop the rot and the current administration must be held responsible for the state of the game.

If they cannot do something to regain our supremacy in the game soon, they may have to make way for some fresh blood.

But what is the real problem in the declining standards in sepak takraw besides taking the administration to task?

It is no different from all the other sports in Malaysia which have taken a nose-dive - it no longer enjoys the popularity among the masses.

Is sepak takraw still played passionately every evening until failing light in the kampungs, districts and schools? Are there development programmes set in place? Are the State associations doing enough to develop young talent.? Are there enough coaches to coach the young? Is there enough or even any talent-scouts going around the length and breadth of the nation to scout for fresh talent? Are the players themselves passionate about the game and above all disciplined, determined and dedicated to excel in the game?(Refer to this story)

These are questions that need to be answered urgently and with immediate solutions coming forth.

Maybe it is time for sepak takraw authorities to seriously consider having a 1Malaysia team. (Refer to this story)

Let us not face another embarrassment in the Laos Sea Games at the end of the year, for the final nail to be placed in yet another Malaysian sports.
A wake-up call is in order to rise and shine again!

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Tak Bernama said...

This was from a Bernama report on June 4, 2009 titled 'Tunku Imran Shocked By Stadium Roof Collapse, Wants All Sports Facilities Inspected'

The last paragraph stated:

Meanwhile, Chef-de-Mission for the Asian Youth Games, Marina Chin Abdullah hoped Malaysian athletes would perform well but refused to set any medal target for the championships.

...Marina Chin and Abdullah??! Since when lah!!