Thursday, July 26, 2018

Johor the cricket hub

Johor Cricket Council’s passionate of developing the game

JOHOR Cricket Council (JCC) initiates another development effort to introduce a T20 cricket tournament to the clubs.
Johor Rhinos, an affiliate JCC will be is organising the inaugural T20 quadrangular Cricket tournament over weekend (July 28-29) at the Johor Cricket Academy Mutiara Rini Oval.

Four clubs – host Johor Rhinos, Indian Panthers (from Johor comprising expatriates), Bio Blasters (a combination of expatriates and locals of Johor) and Blue Lions Cricket Club (from Singapore) will be competing in this tournament which will played on a round-robin basis with the top two teams reaching the final.
“This is another effort by JCC to promote cricket in Johor and also to assist the development of the game,” said Datuk Dr Harjit Singh, the JCC president.
“We have a Johor cricket league, but this tournament is to encourage clubs to organise a tournament under T20 format so that they can promote the game further by creating interest among the young.
“We already have queries from two school teams who want to form a club and compete in next year’s tournament.
“We also have some of the teams competing including youth players in their team to give them the exposure.”
Johor Rhinos club secretary, Sudesh K. Narayan said: “Although our team comprise of former Johor state and national players, we also have included four junior players from around Johor.
“This is the club’s effort to give exposure to these young players and also lure other young and schoolboys to take up the game.
“The club also has plans to conduct coaching clinics at schools from time to time.”
Dr Harjit said that he hopes to see more teams compete in the next tournament and also intends to invite club teams from other states and eventually make it an international tournament.
Johor Rhions club convenor Mohd Fairuz Jaafar confirmed that other states already have expressed their interest to compete in the next tournament and was confident that this inaugural tournament is going to grow into reputable tournament not only in Johor and Malaysia but in the region.
 tis hoping to invite more clubs to participate in our future tournament as teams from another state have shown their interest to be
 The tournament will commence sat 8.30am on both days.
 Dr Harjit swill give away the trophy and medals on Sunday evening.

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