Wednesday, August 18, 1993

What's the use? (The Malay Mail)

OFFICIALS from the National Sports Council (NSC) and Sports Ministry will
be in Stuttgart today to interview about 20 German coaches to be put in
charge of the various sports.
The objective is the Commonwealth Games in 1998. The officials are led
by NSC's director of development Ho Koh Chye.
But the prudency of hiring these coaches has been questioned by German
Sports Federation official Hans-Peter Thumm, who had spent two years in
Thumm is sceptical if the coaches would be able to impart their
knowledge without interference because the hiring is being conducted by
NSC and not the national sports associations.
"I'm not discouraging Malaysia from hiring coaches from here. In fact,
were committed to helping developing countries," said Thumm.
"But from my experience in Malaysia, I really do not know if these
German coaches can really work effectively.
"I found that criticism is also not well-received. Sometimes, the
biggest stumbling blocks are the local coaches who refuse to learn from
the foreigners."
Thumm said he received opposition, especially from the Malaysian AAU
when he voiced his opinion on certain matters.
"Most of the local athletics coaches aren't suitably qualified. The
truth hurts but the damage is greater when the flaws in the system are not
"There is a lot of potential in Malaysia that need to be nurtured
expertly. Facilities aren't a problem either but they are not utilised
"I discovered that officials in South-East Asia, especially, are just
happy being the best in the region."
"Success cannot be achieved overnight. But it will come through
determination, dedication and discipline over a period of time. Patience
and tolerance are essential," said Thumm.
"Malaysia want to do well in the Commonwealth Games but it is easier
said than done. The Commonwealth Games are not like the Sea Games.

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