Friday, June 14, 2013

Now everyone can comment!

I cannot understand for the life of me what critics, journalists and even senior sports officials want out of national soccer coach Datuk K. Rajagobal.
Is it is resignation?
He has been bombarded from all corners of late and every move he makes is being criticised.
Rajagobal who was recently hailed as a national hero for transforming Malaysian soccer with some decent performances and achievements, is now public enemy number one to some.
Just take the national team's latest training trip Down Under.
From the moment the trip was announced, he was criticised for picking Australia as the destination and the teams which the national team were sparring with.
Then when the team lost the first match, he was again criticised for losing to a "part-time" team.
So since when did part-timers became bad footballers or did all the professional players become professionals without playing as amateurs. 
Does that mean that Malaysian soccer players who are professionals as good as other professional players in other countries. How come then we are ranked so lowly?
Some were said to be embarrassed by the loss. Winning and losing is part of the game.
Then when the national team won their second game, not much was said and with the latest loss, the knives are out again.
What irks me is that all these people who write and criticise are not qualified people to make comments.
They are neither coaches or technical people, have any back ground in team management and I do not even know if some of them have kicked a football in their life.
Now everyone is an expert in the game!
So who are these people to make judgements and make calls?
Do they have hidden agendas, or are instructed by someone who has an agenda to make all these half baked criticisms?
Do tell me that they are seriously interested in the performance of the national team and are the ones who can turn the national team into world beaters and bring their ranking below 100 overnight!
Seriously, I don't know whether to laugh at some of the calls made in the writings and criticisms, or think that there is an big agenda to get rid of Rajagobal.
By all means sack Rajagobal if he does not deliver at the end of his contract, but to be finding fault at every move he makes, is indeed childish and unprofessional.
Rajagobal with Arsene Wenger
Earlier, it was a statement Rajagobal had ridiculed the foreign players policy in Malaysia and the game itself,  and they were hounding him until the FA of Malaysia Disciplinary Board found that he was not at fault.
Do these so called wise men of the game know how to prepare a team for a championship? In the run-up coaches want to play weak opponents, medium strength opponents, tough opponents and teams who play different styles so as to get the team exposed to all sorts of situations.
In line before the Asian Cup challenge, the national team has matches against Chelsea and Barcelona. Are these matches not enough?
And what is the priority? To win all friendly matches? What about trial and error?
Or is it that Rajagobal's name is not Robert or Rahman?
What has happened to making local coaches standing out and be equals if not better than foreign coaches?
What about the much publicised 1Malaysia in the country?
Rajagobal is a Malaysian and let us be proud of  that.
And let us value his contributions.
If at the end of the day, he fails to deliver what he has promised, then he has to go.
But stop checking him for every step he makes. Let him do his job.
And if there needs to be any observations made on Rajagobal's performance so far, let it come from someone reputable and knowledgeable of the game. Not fellow coaches, arm chair critics or journalists who have the fainted clue of the technicalities of the game.
These views is not about supporting Rajagobal, but made because of the unprofessional atmosphere which is clouding him.
Sometimes and more often then not, many critics fail to look at the root of the problem and look for scapegoats.
The truth of the matter is that Malaysian soccer generally has a long way to go to even becoming top in Asia is always forgotten and instead dreams of being world beaters overnight is being fantasied by the dreamers.
Let us get our system right from the grassroots and work upwards with a realistic goal.
There has been some good planning for the current team to have reached where it has now, but much more can be done and on a consistent and long term basis.
So let us pinch ourselves to give that realistic check and talk soccer which makes sense and not make a fool out of ourselves.

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Rizal Ravi Abdullah said...

Fair and good piece. As you said, its not about supporting Rajagopal, but the atmosphere surrounding it. Those criticising him have their personal agenda and perhaps jealous and wants to see him out of the National Football team, I believe.