Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nought after all the hullabaloo

The Football Association of Malaysia's disciplinary committee headed by Datuk Taufik Tan Sri Abdul Razak a while ago, found no case against national coach Datuk K. Rajagobal and dismissed the charges brought against him.

Rajagobal was hauled up by the DB Board for alleged comment about the lack of local strikers in the M-League after the national team's 4-1 loss to Saudi Arabia in a friendly match on March 17.

He was said to have blamed the situation on the presence of foreign professional, and this the DB found that he was criticising the national league and giving comments on policy matters of FA of Malaysia.

At least now Rajagobal can get back to concentrating on his job rather having to face unfair criticisms, comments and having to face some of the media personnel who look bent on getting him banned for reasons best known to them.

Rajagobal must be a puzzled coach, when all he trying to do is his job.
On the FAM side, I am just wondering if this whole episode could have been handled better and avoided this "controversy" in the first place.

The DB found a case based on newspaper reports to give a show cause letter to Rajagobal to explain himself.

After hearing him and listening of the post match press conference, the DB decided to drop the charge as he did not make such a statement.

Now question to FA of Malaysia and the DB: Since Rajagobal was said to have made the statement at the official press conference, could they not have acquired the recording of the post match press conference(which I assume the Media Office does record at all official press conferences and in any case a recording was presented at the DB) and listened to it earlier, instead of following the slant the Media were taking to nail Rajagobal.

Even on the eve of the hearing one media, had an heading to say that Rajagobal should be banned! A replacement foreign coach was already on standby, while another local coach was tipped to take over Rajagobal.  

What has become of the Media these days. Yes comments is the right of the Media, but to comment with hidden agendas and working for certain interested parties, is a shame to the profession.

With the current episode put to an end, it will only be a matter of time before the media with an agenda, raise another issue soon.  It is hoped that FA of Malaysia will not easily fall into the trap again and wisely decide on any issues before acting drastically again.

It will indeed be interesting to see the headings and storyline of some of Media tomorrow morning.

How on earth is Malaysian soccer going to progress with such unprofessionalism existing from all quarters!


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