Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Malaysian sports at its best

Malaysian sports never fail to baffle me.

With the London Olympics just seven months away,it saddens me to read that the financial constraints and the poor conditions of the training facility in Bukit Jalil have affected the national divers' preparation for the London Olympic Games.
Read here:
Diving - Ahmad Amsyar Azman trains on despite the trampolines in the dry gym posing a safety hazard to the divers as they are torn. Pix by Supian Ahmad (New Straits Times)

Masking and duct tapes are used to cover the torn areas. Pix by Supian Ahmad  
Whatever happened to the Road to London 2012 programme launched by the previous Sports Minister Datuk Sri Ismail Sabri Yaakob on 16th Feb 2009.
Four sports (badminton, cycling (track), archery and diving) and a total of 21 athletes are under the programme currently.
And to hear of news that facilities is in poor condition for diving at this stage, is indeed baffling.
To talk about private sector coming to support to provide better facilities because the National Sports Council has limited budget, is indeed mind-boggling.
Yes, we need private sector support, but all these should have been dealt with much earlier.
We talking about giving RM 1 million to the first ever gold medal winner at the Olympics, we are talking about sports industry and flooding London with the Tiger jackets, but do not have money for proper sporting facilities!
Read here what is the thought of Being Frank by The Malay Mail's Frankie D'Cruz:
Then we have offered citizenship to a Chinese diver in the hope to win a gold medal. He is 30 years-old and has yet to officially qualify.
Read here:DIVING: Former China star Huang Qiang out to make Malaysia proud - New Straits Times -

Have we forgotten the Yuan Yu Fang episode! And whatever happened about true Malaysians winning medals for Malaysia. Just recently, we were condemning Singapore for using naturalised citizens.
While other countries who do not have the excellent facilities and financial backing are progressing by leaps and bounds, here in Malaysia where funds for sports is readily available and in some cases in excess, we are still struggling and having problems getting our footing right.
What a way to start 2012!


Anonymous said...

Millions are spent in the name of sports on
1. Maintains the NSC
2. Salaries of 800 NSC staff members
3. KBS & NSC bosses 1st Class & Business class travel
Etc etc etc..

Who actually bothers about the programme & how sports money should actually be spent.

Bringing the Chinese to do our job? Brilliant

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