Sunday, November 20, 2011

Have we really done well at the SEA Games?

Everyone is beating their chests having surpassed the Sea Games gold medal target of 45.
But really has Malaysian sports done well at the Games?
Leave host Indonesia aside, but Malaysia is still trailing behind Thailand and Vietnam.
And rubbing the salt to Malaysian sport, surely must be Vietnam being above Malaysia in the gold medal haul. Singapore is close at Malaysia's back.
Even if we reach the 60 gold medal mark and still lagging behind or edged them narrowly countries like Vietnam and Singapore, can we call it a success?
Is it a success for Malaysian sports when the money spent on sports is huge.
And mind you, we are talking about success at the lowest level of sports in the region. It is not the Commonwealth, Asian or Olympic Games.
And do not say that we have to start somewhere because we have in the Sea Games since it's inception in 1959 in Bangkok.
And many of the athletes who brought honours are veterans of the Games - four to five Games at least, while some have more Games under their belt and in the twilight of their sporting career!
If the bulk of the gold medals were won by Malaysia's young and budding talent, yes we have done well. But this is not the case.
And let us hope that we do not again go overboard if we defend and win the soccer gold.
Yes, the Malaysian team has improved, but still has  along way to go and still not up to the mark of Sea Games teams in the past.
One television commentator commented: "The standard of the Malaysian team has improved tremendously as compared to the rest of the teams."
The truth of the matter is: The standards of the other teams have dropped and Malaysian team has made some improvement which has enabled them to get past their opponents.
Analysis each match Malaysia has played and not in a single match have their stamped their authority or class in totality.
Even against Myanmar yesterday, it was a opportunist gold which snatched the win. Yes a win is a win, but a good team does it with class.
I am not belittling the national Under-23 team. Congrats for making the final and all the best for the final tomorrow. But just do not get carried away with another Sea Games success.
Reach the Asian championship or Asian Games semifinals, and that is truly a marked improvement for Malaysian soccer. Mind you, I am not even talking about a gold medal at both the championships.
The sooner, sports officials stop living in their dreamland and be satisfied with mediocre success, the better chance Malaysian sports has of moving to higher levels.
Maybe, Malaysian sports has been starved of success, that we grab on to any success and try to console ourselves.
It is like if someone was drowning. He will even try to cling on to a  straw to try and safe himself!
Good luck Malaysian sports.


Anonymous said...

Another good critical comments about the standards or KPI at the games. Should analyse all results case by case and should compare the sports or events with one level than the SEA Games.At least it gives some kind of indications whether there is improvement or prospect for future participation. Well done Tony . I don't how many officials and coaches have this in their minds. Mind you this is competition or study trip not holiday. Do have fun but don't forget your priorities.


GiLoCatur said...

A very good question. Surely, a complete analysis or post mortem with statistics or ROI in every sports in the Games must be done.

Many questions arise. Who will do it? Have or will the authority done or do it? Should the third party like sports bloggers and independent sports analysts do it?

Anonymous said...

Hi, it was a good piece, telling everybody that we must not get carried away.
To me sea games is nothing. You want to analyse, go check the medal tally at the last Asian Games, where were we compared to Ina, Singapore, Vietnam or Thailand.
Its ridiculous for Indon to hv more than 150 gold medals, but are they really a power hse in Asia.
Give credit to our athletes who hv done well in Ina, at least they are trying their best to be the best in this region.

Anonymous said...

Sea Games is nothing now. No need to count the medals.

Malaysian sports, of course its better than the sea games overall champ, Indonesia who grab more than 150 gold medals.

Just look back at the Asian Games last year brother....Malaysia got nine gold medals compare to Indon four only.

Only Thailand above us with 11 gold medals. So i can say, forget about sea games, its the asian, commonwealth and olympic that matters.

But still, a big hand to all those 59 gold medallist for Malaysia, u still make us proud.