Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Congratulations Malaysian Young Tigers!

Congratulations Datuk Ong..oops Ong Kim Swee and his Young Tigers for an outstanding outting at the Jakarta Sea Games culminating by defending the title defeating host Indonesia just a while ago.
Kudos to the entire team including the backroom staff for a determined and courageous effort and performance against all adversities.
Winning a title is always easier than defending it. And against all odds, including being drawn in the "Death Group", the team overcome all obstacles to win the gold.
The accolades will continue, but it is  suffice to say a job well done and let us look ahead.
Having won the Sea Games gold medal two years ago in Vientaine Laos, the Suzuki AFF Cup in Jakarta last year and now defending the Sea Games gold, it certainly confirms the Malaysian Young Tigers as the best in the region. 
It only underlines there is future, but we have to keep our feet firm on the ground and plod on.
Cut all the celebrations, going overboard, heaping with rewards and above all getting arrogant.
At this point let us also not forget that where we have reached today, did not happen overnight.
Let us not forget Datuk K. Rajagobal.
It is now time for all to join hands to work as a unit. Let us not have prima donnas.
Let us not forget the national team had failed to beat Singapore to advance further in the pre-world qualifiers.
We need continue to groom more youngsters to have a bigger pool of players. Keep the Under-17 and Under-19 teams and continue to give them equal emphasis. We need to play more international and highly competitive matches.
There is still a lot more work to be done.
Having done well in the Asean and Sea Games region, let us now look at the Asian level. This is going to be a humongous task, because this is where the real challenge is.
To be among the top four in Asia it is going to take a lot more sacrifices, hard work, determination, discipline and raising the game to a much higher level.
This is not going to come overnight and only patience and continued persistence is going to keep us on the right track.
So until we reach that Asian standard, let us not rest on our laurels on the achievements at the lowest level of competition in the world.
But for now, congratulations again Ong and Yong, my course mates when doing our FAM 'B' licence in Penang in 2001.
And also congratulations and a big thank you to Dez Corkhill, the Managing Editor of Astro Arena, who was commenting on the Sea Games soccer final for the English transmission on Channel 801 (Astro Arena). You saved the night with your commentary which was music to the ears and made it bearable to watch the final with a sound mind and not pulling my hair!
Let us get professionals and not fans commenting!
Thank you again Ong, the Young Tigers and Dez for making it a grand night watching the final in the comfort of my room.

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andrew gopal said...

Congrats Young Tiger and OKM.
Well deserved win.Hope the team will keep going and going. success.