Saturday, October 10, 2009

Down Memory Lane


Malaysia finished their 1st inns at 358 for nine wickets at the end of 75 overs on the first day. Singapore took the field at the end of 1st day’s play and scored 18 runs in 7 overs for no loss.

Played was delayed for the 2nd day and only commenced at 2.33pm. Singapore were all out for 165 (in 55 – 4 overs) and that was the end of the second day play.

Highlights of the 2nd day:


Dharminchand - 74 runs

Pramodh - 58 runs

Bowling for Malaysia:

Shahrul Nizam - 4 for 39

Esrafiq - 3 for 51

Suresh Navaratnam - 2 for 51

The Johor Cricket Council (JCC) once again has saved the Saudara Cup –
held since 1970 – from slipping into oblivion after the Malaysian Cricket Assocaition (MCA) agreed to their request to allow them to host it.

The 40th edition of the competition is currently ongoing at the Johor Cricket Academy Oval, in Skudai, Johor Bahru. The three-day competition started yesterday.

This historic competition between Malaysia and Singapore was seriously threatened by the other Malaysia-Singapore encounters in the Asian Cricket Council tournaments.

Saudara Cup is the symbol of cricketing supremacy between Malaysia and our Singapore.

JCC President cum Organizing Chairman Datuk Dr Harjit Singh said that since its inception in 1970, when a large group of cricket lovers contributed some funds to purchase a handsome trophy, the tournament has grown from strength to strength.

“Apart from building close relationships and wonderful loyalties which very significantly go to make up the enduring traditions of this sport, it has also helped bridge close cultural ties between our two nations” said Dr Harjit.

Dr Harjit in his tireless effort to make this 40th annual series a truly success story, has gone out of his way to add a nostalgic touch to the weekend.

He has gone down the memory lane of Malaysian and Singapore Cricket by inviting all former cricketers and officials, lovers of the game to be present for the three days.

Dr Harjit said that JCC will restore this tournament to its original significance and glory it fully deserves as the oldest existing cricket tournament in this region by way of providing the honour and due respect to former players, officials and others who contributed to the game.

Among the former stalwarts who are present here include Dr Prof Alex Delikan, Gurucharan Singh, Arputham Christie, Mike Shepherdson, Zainuddin Meah, Zainon Mat, Karu Selvaratnam, the Nair brothers namely Balakrishnan, Banerji and Muralee, Jagdev Singh, Danny Saurajan, Toh Chooi Beng, Mohd Haris Abu Bakar, Koo Kim Kuang, Azmi Majid, Asgari Stephens, Tan Kim Heng and Dennis De Silva from the Malaysian side who are all household names in the Saudara Cup series.

From Singapore, names like Cecil Cooke, Reggie de Silva, John Martens, Steve Houghton, Stacey Muruthi, Pritam Singh, Mukhtar Ahmad, Khwaja Imran Hamid, Lawrence Young, Goh Swee Heng, Rasheed Thayar Mohamed, M.Jeevanathan and Wong Hoe Sang are not easily forgotten.

Indeed the scene here of 40 years of comradeship is a nostalgic occasion where a lot of catching up and talking about the past and present state of not only cricket but sports in general.

Tonight, a Premier Dinner will be hosted by the JCC President & the Executive Committee to mark the 40th Saudara Cup under the patronage of the Chief Minister of Johor, Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman, which will see all the stars of yesteryears congregate with the present players and officials.

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