Saturday, May 14, 2005

WISE USE OF WATCHDOG (13/05/2005 - The Malay Mail)

Publication : MM
Date : 13/05/2005

MEDIA coverage is vital to the development of any sports.
While some major sports get wide coverage, several 'minor' sports
hardly get any.
However, some minor sports such as squash and tenpin bowling have
finally found themselves in the mainstream media. This happened after
their associations went out of their way to keep the media posted on the
latest development and results of tournaments.
Billiards and snooker are also fighting for recognition and are slowly
getting space and airtime.
All three sports have one thing in common - their development
programmes - which are bearing results and their emphasis to further
their grassroots development.
But soccer, badminton, athletics and hockey have always enjoyed the
good patronage of the media.
So much so, they can afford to get cocky with the media.
When positive reports are written, sports reporters are a welcome sight.
On the contrary, a negativereport will see them shun the media and
various accusations made.
The duty of the media is not only to report the good but also the bad -
basically be a watchdog.
It helps if sports associations can work together with the media,
instead of using them when only it suits them.
It is sad that even at the schools level, the media have become
Then, we have officials who complain the media is bias towards certain
sports or provides coverage because of close association.
Sports can do without this sort of pettiness among officials. Rather, a
job well done in running the association will see a positive report by
the media!

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