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Winds of change (2006 - Malaysian Today)

Winds of change

THERE are winds of change in the offing in the preparation for elite athletes for future Games and championships in move to see athletes better prepared.

There is also indication that National Sports Associations (NSAs) will have to play a more prominent role in development and no longer can just leave at the hands of the National Sports Council to do their job as guardians of the respective sports.

The Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) is also expected to work even closer with NSC and at the same time work closely with NSAs to help them in development of the respective sports.

The NSC are expected to concentrate more on just elite athlete preparation so that the best effort is put in without any other distractions like development work and talent identification.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports, could well be emphasising further on sports for all and instilling a better sports culture among the raykat.

These are some changes could well happen with the Minister of Youth and Sports, Datuk Azalina Othman Said, having given indications of such a move in Sports Talk on Trax FM (a radio show) on Sunday and her visit to the OCM on Tuesday evening where she met Board Members headed by president Tan Sri Tunku Imran.

Azalina has also lined up visits to the associations of the Eight Core Sports (athletics, badminton, bowling, gymnastics, football, hockey, swimming and squash) to visit their administrative office and also to have informal discussions with their respective senior officials.

She is expected to throw innovative ideas for the betterment of sports in the country and see the responses and commitment from the NSAs.

Basically, just like she was picking the brains of the OCM offcials, she is expected to do the same of the Eight Core NSA officials.

She even had a similar meeting with Sports Editors of the Print and Electronic Media at a luncheon this afternoon, to get the Media’s feedback.

Once she has equipped herself with all the thoughts from all quarters, she is expected to discuss it at the Cabinet Committee meeting at the end of the month, before coming out with a structure which could see Malaysian sports elevate itself to higher grounds.

However, these plans when unfolded, is not expected to be a short term plan or any magical plan which is launched today and champions born yesterday.

It is going to be process, where the concerted and cooperation

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