Friday, April 29, 1994

Amateurish officials (28/04/1994 - The Malay Mail)

Publication : MM
Date : 28/04/1994
Headline : Amateurish officials

WHEN will they ever learn?
For five years, Malaysian soccer went through a trial period (Semi-Pro)
before going fully professionally this year.
But it looks like the five years served no purpose at all, because in
this new era of professionalism, State FAs are still condoning and making
amateurish decisions.
Probably the root of the problem is the officials behind these State
While the players have been told to turn professionals by quitting their
jobs, there are still many part-time officials who use the game as a lever
to promote themselves or use it to reap benefits.
These officials still place themselves above the game.
And, sadly, some of them do not even have a clue about the game and
allow their sentiments to rule rather than their head.
Half the time, these officials are more concerned about being dolled up
on match days and making their presence felt. Some teams have as many
officials as the number of players!
These teams place more emphasis on the presence of officials in the
squad than important personnel like physiotherapists or doctors.
FA of Malaysia for the last five years have held seminars after seminars
to educate these officials to become more professional in their approach
and administration, but it looks like it has only fallen on deaf ears.
Even when the FA of Malaysia spend thousands - and sometimes millions -
of ringgit on study tours overseas, they are of little use.
These officials are more interested in sightseeing and shopping rather
than the soccer programmes arranged.
Probably, it is about time some true young professionals are involved at
the State level and who really take their job seriously.
Of course, there are also some young officials who are already in the
mainstream but, sadly again, either their habits of their predecessors
have rubbed on them or the money in the game has got the better of them.
However, in all fairness to some senior and up-and coming officials,
there are some who are making an earnest effort.
But, what we need is not a few professional officials, but an entire
setup of professional officials!

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