Sunday, May 2, 1999

Injury forces Ollie to call it quits (The Malay Mail)

SCOTT OLLERENSHAW, twice Golden Boot winner of the M-League, has
prematurely retired from soccer at the age of 31.
Ollerenshaw, who played for Negri Sembilan last season, had to call it
quits after he went for surgery on his left ankle early this year.
Ollerenshaw, who is now in Sydney with his Malaysian wife Michelle Koh,
also has arthritis in his hip.
The surgeon, who operated on Ollerenshaw, said the Australian striker
will no longer be able to play soccer because his ankle has been badly
damaged due to neglect.
The Australian, when met in Sydney on Wednesday, said:
"I had not expected the injury to be so serious that I had to call it
quits. I was hoping to play for another three or four years in Australia."
He added his ankle was badly damaged because of all the injections he
had taken while playing despite the injury.
"The surgeon said that there was no more muscle between the bones in my
ankle and there was no way I could do anything strenuous even if it was
operated on.
"To add to the misery, my hip was also affected and my whole left side
was in pain.
"My whole world has come tumbling down because, all my life, soccer has
been my world.
"I was devastated and really did not know what to do.
"I knew something was wrong when I was not performing up to expectations
during my stint with Negri because I could not move as freely as before."
Ollerenshaw, who has a one-year-old son, Jordan, is planning to return
to Kota Kinabalu this month where he plans to work at a fitness club with
"Michelle is a qualified trainer while I will use my soccer experience.
"If things work out well, we might consider setting up our own fitness
centre in the near future in Sabah."

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