Friday, January 13, 1995

Munich squad duo seek coaching jobs

TWO members of the 1972 Munich Olympics soccer squad - Hamzah Hussein and
Bhawandi Hiralal - are looking for coaching opportunities either at the
State or club level for the new season, writes Tony Mariadass.
The duo, who were among the squad of 19 players who were a fortnight ago
honoured at the Sportwriters of Malaysia/Glamoir World of Sports Soccer
Awards night for their outstanding performance in 1972, are based in Kuala
Hamzah is an officer with Prisons in the city, while Bhawandi is a
police officer.
Last season, Hamzah was one of the assistant coaches to Milous Kvacek
with the Kelantan team.
But when Kvacek left for home during the Malaysia Cup competition,
Hamzah was in charge, together with his Munich teammate, Wan Zawawi.
However, Hamzah has returned to KL because he is unable to obtain leave.
Hamzah, before going to Kelantan last season, was coaching the KLFA
youth teams. He had also assisted Chow Kwai Lam with the senior team.
Bhawandi, on the other hand, is currently coaching the Police team in
the KLFA Dunhill League.
Three seasons ago, he was among the coaches handling the Police team in
the Second Division Semi-Pro League.
In fact, several players from the Munich squad have tasted coaching at
the State level.
They include M. Chandran, Rahim Abdullah, Mohamad Bakar, Wan Zazawi and
Soh Chin Aun.
Chandran and Mohamad have even coached the national team.
Another player, Khoo Luan Khen, who left to play in Hong Kong in the
1970s, was the Hong Kong national coach for the Hiroshima Asian Games last
Namat Abdullah, another member of the Munich team, is now linked with
Perak for the new season and is expected to be one of the coaches.

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