Thursday, November 26, 1992

Subra takes over (The Malay Mail)

S. SUBRAMANIAM, a man who prefers to remain out of the spotlight, has been
given the job to resurrect Kuala Lumpur as a soccer power.
Last night, the Kuala Lumpur FA management committee headed by president
Tan Sri Elyas Omar gave Subramaniam the mandate to take over as coach of
next season's Semi-Pro League team from Chow Kwai Lam.
Although Subramaniam, who is also KLFA's Director of Coaching, would
have preferred to remain as a backroom man, he decided to accept the
challenge because of the vote of confidence from the KLFA.
It'll be the 56-year-old's second stint as coach, having first guided KL
from 1982-84.
He will be assisted by Lim Kim Lian.
"I had not expected this job because for some time now, I have been
involved mainly in the development of KL soccer at youth level," said
Subramaniam, who served as technical adviser in previous seasons.
"I am honoured by the KLFA's trust in me and on my part, I'd do my best
to revive KL's fortunes," he said.
Subramaniam, a father of two grown up sons, earned his English FA
coaching badge as early as 1958, when he was undergoing a teachers'
training course in Kirby.
He obtained the FA of Malaysia's advanced coaching certificate in 1971
and the Fifa coaching licence in 1972 at the Asian Coaching School.
He has been a member of the technical study group at the 1986 World Cup
which was headed by Josef Venglos and also a member of several other
technical study groups.
Subramaniam said he has discussed with KLFA plans for the new season and
will be preparing the team accordingly.
"My original plan was to groom the KL back-up squad to become the a
fully-fledged Semi-Pro League team by 1994. But it looks like we'd have to
set an earlier target because of several factors."
Among them are the fact several senior players have either announced
their decision to quit or have been plagued by injuries.
There is also the factor of players having lost their form.
"We'd calling all players from the present squad to attend training
together with the back-up and Razak Cup squads," he said.
"We will then select the best team from this pool. But it'd definitely
be a blend of experience and youth. 1993 will be a transition period for
Subramaniam said his philosophy in coaching is to ensure that the
players are happy in training.
"Right now, I really don't have an idea of the composition of the team
because several key players will not be around while some are doubtful."
Among those missing will be foreign players Seslija Milomir and Anto
Grabo, whose contracts have not been renewed.
Zoran Nikolic's contract, however, has been extended for another season.
Veteran Mat Zan Mat Aris has retired from the game while Tang Siew Seng
is still injured.
Defenders See Kim Seng and Chow Siew Yai will meeting the management
committee before their fate with KL is decided.

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