Wednesday, March 6, 1991

I will show KL

GOALKEEPER M. Pavalamini is out to prove Kuala Lumpur were harsh and rash
in dumping him from their Semi-pro League squad this season.
KL dropped all three of their goalkeepers Pavalamani, veteran Rashid
Hassan and youngster Ng Liang Yik - after their wishy-washy performance
last season.
Rashid will turn out for Police in the Second Division this season
while Liang Yik is without a team.
Yap Kam Choon and V. Murugan, formerly of Kelantan and Perak
respectively, have signed with KL.
Pavalamani, 27, is going for broke with Kelantan. If he does not gain
a place he will be left without a team: The closing date for League
registration was Feb 28.
The former national keeper attended trials with Malacca but wanted to
continue playing for a First Division team.
Pavalamani has to contend with Wan Kamarulzaman and rookie Asri
Hussein in the Kelantan squad. There will also be competition from former
Terengganu custodian Raimi Jamil.
Pavalamani is unperturbed by the competition. He is more than
determined to make the squad.
"It is a make or break situation for me," he said.
Pavalamani has been training hard with his club Sharp-Malay Mail who
face Bank Pertanian in the KL Dunhill League semifinals on Friday.
He was supposed to play in a quadrangular tournament in Kota Baru
this weekend but Kelantan team manager Yusof Ali gave him permission to
complete his commitments with Sharp-MM first.
"I hope to play for KL again and my only chance is to prove myself
with Kelantan. Helping Sharp-MM reach the Dunhill League final will mark
my parting with KL soccer... for a while at least," said Pavalamani.
Despite being with KL the last four seasons, he rarely played because
of Rashid Hassan'ss presence.
And when he did play, it was because Rashid was injured or off-form.
"To judge me by a few matches and sometimes against tough opponents,
is unfair," said Pavalamani, who saw action only against Singapore,
Pahang, Selangor, Sarawak and Kelantan last season.
He has put the bitter memories behind him and is out to prove he has
plenty of good goalkeeping left in him. He assures that Kelantan, at
least, will benefit if they gave him the chance.

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