Friday, February 3, 2012

Million Ringgit Decision In Haste?

Congratulations to Safee Sali for his RM2 million two-year contract with Pelita Jaya in Indonesia.
The million ringgit question is whether Safee has jumped the gun and put his soccer career in jeopardy?
In view of the possibility that Indonesian domestic league could be imposed sanctions by FIFA, it is hoped that Safee has been well advised before putting his signature on the dotted lines on the contract.
FIFA has given the All-Indonesian FA (PSSI) till March 20 to get its house in order and rein in any rebel leagues or face sanctions.
The association received the order last December from FIFA to bring all competitions - the Premier League (LPI) and ISL, under its control.
Safee himself is confident that the issue at hand will be resolved and he will not land in trouble.
Unless he has an escape clause in his contract which can see him bail himself out if FIFA takes action against PSSI, Safee is treading on thin ice.
While accolades have been coming from all quarters over Safee becoming the first millionaire Malaysian footballer, one wonders if the FA of Malaysia had advised him over his decision to sign the contract. Afterall, he is a national player and national interest should have overweighed everything else.
Besides, the FA of Malaysia has to issue the International Transfer Certificate (ITC) before Safee can sign his contract in Indonesia, and one wonders if the national body had really looked at the matter in detail before issuing the ITC.
If Safee does get in trouble, FA of Malaysia will be equally guilty of having allowed it to happen.
And if Safee wants to bail out or has contract issues, who will he turn to and who is going to take his case to FIFA - FA of Malaysia? How are they going to represent Safee if FIFA takes action against PSSI and he is part and parcel of the ISL.
Let us hope for the sake of Safee and FA of Malaysia, all turns out well.
But if it does not, it will be too late to cry over split milk!
Another case of putting the cart before the horse!

Latest: Read what The Malay Mail reported on Safee's predicament.

FAM: It’s his choice

Safee can still play at Pelita Jaya-affiliated clubs if ISL is suspended by Fifa

Thursday, February 2, 2012 - 20:05

by Haresh Deol

KELANA JAYA: Safee Sali is well aware of the consequences but the FA of Malaysia (FAM) have no choice but to respect the national poacher’s decision to stay in the Indonesian Super League (ISL).
FAM vice-president Datuk Hamidin Amin, who is fully aware of the differences between the Indonesian FA (PSSI) and ISL, said Safee was a professional player and had exercised his right to play for the club of his choice.
Tension between PSSI officials and clubs playing in the breakaway ISL heightened late last year, forcing Fifa to issue a letter to PSSI demanding the national body get their house in order or those involved in their league would be banned.
The ban would apply to all players and officials from the ISL would see them not being able to participate in international tournaments.
Fifa only recognises one governing body and one league in all countries.
“We have spoken to Safee. In fact, Datuk Azzudin Ahmad (FAM secretary general) and I have personally met him on numerous occasions to explain the whole situation to him and the possibility of ISL being slapped with a ban,” explained Hamidin.
“Safee is well aware of the situation and the consequences and he has made his choice. As a professional player, he is entitled to chart his own future and we have no say.
“Let’s put it this way ... we can only advise him.”
Hamidin, who is also the FA of Selangor secretary and was involved in Safee’s transfer to Pelita Jaya from Selangor last year, admitted it would be a big loss if the national team were unable to use the striker.
“I hope the issues will be resolved soon. I’ll continue to communicate with Safee and we’ll see how it goes.”
Earlier on Wednesday, Safee announced he was signing a two-year contract with the Karawang-based club valued at more than RM2 million. This includes a house, car and personal driver. Other incentives include taxes and flight tickets back to Malaysia to be borne by the club.
Safee could also enjoy stints with Australia’s Brisbane Roar, Belgium’s CS Vise and SAD Uruguay. All three are owned by subsidiary club Pelita Jaya Cronus.
Pelita Jaya are placed seventh in the ISL, with Safee notching six goals so far.

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