Monday, January 16, 2012

Circus in full swing?

Is the crowd back to fill the Stadiums to the brim with the return of foreign players and adding entertainment value?
So are the foreign players scoring? Are they hogging the limelight for the right or wrong reasons? Are all the foreigners making their mark? Or is it too early to make any conclusions? 
Have the local players been making waves with the presence of the foreign players?
So the FA of Malaysia has extended the deadline for registration of foreign players with the League ongoing in full swing. Does this augur well for the reputation of the League?
So was the change of decision because of the pressure put by Terengganu FA and the Menteri Besar of Terengganu Datuk Seri Ahmad Said with threats to pull out and take FA of Malaysia to court?
Official letters from the FA of Malaysia sending the wrong messages and misinterpreted. How does this all happen when the league has gone professional since 1994.
Of yes, we did not have foriegn players for the last three years, so we are rusty with the rules and writing letters!
What about all the seminars and courses held before the League commenced? Was there anything shed  to all the participants, or was it just a gathering for all States officials to make a trip to the city?
It is just three weeks into the League, and there has been so much to talk about for all the wrong reasons.
Wonder what will happen in the weeks to come? Will it get better, I mean the scenario going from bad to worse, or will it take a turn for the better for the right reasons.
Let us wait and see.
Anybody wants to take a wager on which way the League will go?
Anyway, almost everyone is betting on matches. Why not have a another bet on the cards?
Just answer all the questions asked above and make your own conclusion on which way the League is heading before placing your bets.

Extract from Circus In Town Early for 2012 posted on Dec 28 in this blog:


The foreign players have arrived?
We had illegal immigrants coming for trials, players with falsified records, players who could not get International Transfer Certificates (ITC) and the list goes on.
Then there were cases where teams failed to meet the deadline for registration of foreign players.
Then there is a case of player signed on, but is injured.
We have old faces coming back to play in the League they are so familiar with, while the news ones names do not ring a bell among names in the world of soccer.
Have we once again settled for half-baked players or con-players?
Oh sorry, the FA of Malaysia's vetting committee have gone through the list and given officially approval.
The state and club teams had sent in 35 applications, but the competitions committee only approved 26 based on guidelines set by FIFA. Two applications were withdrawn, while seven were rejected because they failed to meet the requirements.
So what is new from the previous years when we had foreign players. The same old problem exists despite FA of Malaysia taking stringent measures, having seminars to educate the State FAs and clubs - after all these years of playing in the professional league!
Can we expect to see more problems surfacing when the league begins?
Oops! The problem has already began. Foreign players in T-Team in Terengganu snubbed an official dinner organised for them.
I have always been against foreign players, unless they are really quality and renowned players. With the coming of the foreign players how many local strikers and midfielders are going to be denied a place in the teams.
Will the national team be affected by this decision to include the foreign players?
Who cares? As long as the Stadiums are filled and the game is entertaining - both of which are subjective.
So here we go again...the circus is in town early for 2012!

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