Monday, November 21, 2011


The truth is out about the victory ceremony for the Sea Games 4 X 400 event which was held a day after the event which forced the Malaysian winning quartet to miss the ceremony because they were booked to fly out back to Malaysia on that day.
It is learnt that the medal presentation was postponed to the next day by the organisers.
At every Games, the medal presentation of an event is always held on the same day not sooner than 40 minutes to the end of the day's events.
So can MAAU be faulted to have scheduled the athletes to return the day after the event?
It is a surprise the Media did not check this point with the Indonesian Sea Games Organising Committee or the IAAF delegate for athletics who is in charge of all proceedings of the event.
Was there an hidden agenda in putting the blame on MAAU for the quartet missing the victory ceremony?


Anonymous said...

Mr.Tony, well saud. The whole episode was to blame MAAU bluntly. The event was over at 2000 hrs and it all there was a doping done it could been over in 40 odd minutes. Then why did the meet organiser delay the nedal ceremony, maybe waiting to protest over the dropping of the baton ?
The flight back waxs not on the same day as such the flight schedule was not immediately leaving the stadium after the race. With all these in line of honesty, I wonder what the IAAF rep,Competition Delegate doing to solve this matter or, was he ever around to see this through. More and more can be said here, but Its MAAU at fault. Raw and inexperienced commentators, personal-vendetta reporters and agency officials of OCM and NSC could have intercepted and thrown some urgency into the medal ceremony for a blast at the poor MAAU. To be exact, many people were just there to hop on to the bandwagon to ride off into the dark areas of Palembang, rather than staying back to solve the said problem.

rasu said...

Its a good revelation on your part, Tony. Whats most disturbing is the postponement of the prize giving ceremony to the next day, which to me as an Athletic Grade One Official has never seen such an absurd to happen. Never in the history of a meet, a medal was given the next day. The most was to wait for the Doping, which to me would not have taken more than 40 minutes after the result announced. Maybe, the Indonesian officials and the IAAF Competition Delegate was busy has supper in the VIP room. Mostly, the NSC and ICM Coordinators assigned to the venue could have stepped in to persuade the medal ceremony with the notion of the early return of the athletes the next day.
So, is the postponement or deliberate delay was the cause of MAAU/ Lets be fair in our convictions and condemnation without a careful insight into the situation. Well done Tony