Sunday, December 5, 2010

Back after MIA

It has been a month since I updated my blog!
No, I have not decided to discontinue with the blog or have been plain lazy to update!
The truth of the matter was that I in Gunagzhou, China working for the 16th Asian Games New Services with Xinhua News Agency and I cannot access my blog from China!
A lot has happened in the last one month which I had wanted very much to write on, but simply could not.
I lost a dear friend, K. Prabaharan during this period on Nov 17 and wanted so much to write and share my experience with him which spanned over 30 years. It is sad that he had to go at such a young age of 54 because of the cancer. I still cannot bring myself to belief that he has gone. I will find some time soon and share my thought on Praba, who was a true sportsman, an excellent physiotherapist, one who worked his way up in life through great hardship,. a true friend to many and yet still many did not have nice things to say was really sad. He was the older brother to me that I did not have! I will write in length soon.
As for Gunagzhou, it was an experience of a lifetime. This is my fourth Asian Games since I first covered the 1994 Hiroshima Asian Games, and it was definitely the back.
After my bitter experience at the New Delhi 2010 Asian Games, I had gone to Gunagzhou with a very open mind.
And it was a pleasant surprise all the way. It is a beautiful city and they do not call Gunagzhou the Amsterdam of the East for nothing.
The Games was managed excellently and it was difficult to find one single flaw.
Indeed, congratulations to Guangzhou for organising such and excellent Game which has raised the benchmark by hundredth folds for the next host Incheon in 2014.
Right now, I am in Muscat, Oman for the 2nd Asian Beach Games which starts on Dec 8 and ends on Dec 16.
I am here as the Media Officer with the Olympic Council of Malaysia secretariat staff to assist the Chef-de-Mission, Datuk James Selvaraj and the small contingent of 15 athletes and 4 officials who will compete in bodybuilding, sailing, windsurfing and water ski.
I will definitely be updating my blog to catch up on the one month I have missed.
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