Friday, February 5, 2010


So there was money for Schools' Sports after all!
Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who is also the Education Minister, has ordered that the Malaysian Schools Sports Council (MSSM) reinstate the 11 sports that were axed, with his announcement of a RM89 million grant for sports and co-curricular activities.
Thank You Sir, for having stepped in and made the all important decision, which will definitely single-handedly put Malaysian sports back on track for the future.
Muhyiddin said: "Our goal is that each and every of our 5.6 million students in their 10,000 schools takes up at least one sport."
That sums up the great vision.
the malay mail went to town with the announcement yesterday (read here) while The New Straits went back page with the story (read here), Harian Metro had a story story on it too (read here), and The Star too joined in to carry the story (read here).
While the malay mail and in particular Haresh Deol, should be commended for his commitment in championing for the cause of reinstating the axed sports, Level-field would like to think that in a small way it played it's role too.
After all, it was here that the story that slash of budget for MSSM for 2010 was first highlighted on Dec 18,2009 under the heading: The right hand does not know what the left hand does (read here) and then followed up to champion to give priority to sports in schools with blogs under these headings: How about some money for MSSM Sir?; DPM's UNAWARE of 11 sports excluded in MSSM calendar; Someone SAVE Malaysian Schools' Sports Please!; Hornets nest stirred? and Backroom for sports in schools.
Special mention must also be made to Zainal Hashim and his blog: youth bowling in selangor (read here) who also invited views through facebook, to champion to save sports in schools.
With schools' sports given the priority it so rightly deserve and the funds allocated, it is now hoped that there is no red-tape to release the funds to MSSM and MSSM on their part, get to work immediately to reinstate the sports and disperse the funds to the States Sports Councils.
Let us not hear excuses that it is already into the month of February and before they get the funds, disperse it and get organising, it will be too late into the year!
The order to act immediately comes from none other than the Education Minister who is also the DPM and it is hoped that the matter is given utmost priority and urgency.
Thank-you again Tan Sri and just ensure that your order is carried out to the dot!


Anonymous said...


If there was good governance, and management do you not think it could have avoided all this right from the beginning?

The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. Meeting after meeting- is just MEET to EAT.

When things are highlighted then everybody's eyes is opened wide otherwise it remains in SLUMBERland with tidak apa, tidak tahu or tidak mahu tahu.

Ignorance is bliss......happens every where on earth

It does not happen in Heaven as God does not ignore people- Everyone is accounted for and if we even ignore God now while on earth, then God Bless us......when we see Him one day

Jonathan said...

Kudos to Tony. You have certainly played your part with your 'shooting-from-the-hips' take on this subject. From 'no funds' to 'RM89 million'. Incredible!

Zainal Hashim said...


All that I can say to you is THANK YOU & WELL DONE!!!

Anonymous said...

It was Berita Harian's scoop. The paper were the first to write on this matter.
The others, picked up their story and made it their own

In the name of sports! said...

As usual someone had to miss the bigger picture and talk of self glory and arguing whose scoop it was!
The bigger picture is that schools' sports in the winner and anyone who played a role to keep it alive should get a tap on the back - that's it!
But for the record, since Berita Harian claims it had the story on the budget cut for MSSSM programmes first, the news was first broken in December 18 2009, while BH wrote about it on Jan 8 2010! Even the malay mail and star had the story earlier than BH!
But that is besides the point. The point is the battle to see schools sports kept alive has been heard and something is being done.
Whether it becomes a reality is left to be seen.
So, let us not argue who broke the story first!
It is really sickens to see people make claims over such matters and are after personal glory!

Zainal Hashim said...

In the name of sport!,

Give me a high 5 Bro or Sis!
Did we do this for the Malaysian School Children and Malaysia's Sports Future? I surely DID that!

Is Anonymous(February 6, 2010 6:56 PM)trying to say that he was the columnist for BH and wants acolades from the public? If so put la your name there! If that is not the case, why so kepoh wan?

See....I always sign off with my real name!

Anonymous said...

Berita Harian wrote the first story just days after last December's Sports Convention.

Zainal Hashim said...

Anonymous (February 7, 2010 7:23 PM)OK.......OK TQ very much. The reversal of the whole event was due to you! Satisfied????

Mohd Malek Shah said...

Ok la..Berita Harian the champion, berita harian very good...TQ berita harian...scoop of the year la berita harian...paper of the year berita harian...all award go to berita harian....


shame on you berita harian..the real winner is schools sports..not YOU!