Saturday, August 8, 2009

True Test

K. Rajagobal's "babes" after a creditable outing against Manchester United recently, will have another two true tests, to determine if their performance was a flash in the pan or are here to stay.

The team, despite their 3-2 and 2-0 defeat, saw raving reports and comments from all quarters. But all that could come to nought, if they fall flat against the national teams of Kenya and China this week at the Shah Alam Stadium.

Whether the Malaysian team was inspired to perform against MU or were truly displaying their qualities, will be known at the end of these two matches.

For Rajagobal, he could not have asked for two better quality matches to land on his lap, after the Merdeka tournament scheduled this month was called off.

The first match against Kenya will be on Wednesday and will play China on Saturday.

Kenya are on a tour as part of their preparation for the Olympics qualifier, while China is preparing for the Asian Cup.

Kenya is currently ranked 105 on the latest FIFA ranking released on Aug 5, while China is ranked 108 in the world and 13th in Asia.

Malaysia, on the other hand, have jumped up five ranks to be ranked 152 in the world and 26 in Asia.

Without a doubt, these two matches will allow Rajagobal to determine the true quality of his players and help him a great deal in the finalisation of his Sea Games squad.

It is just hoped that the players take this rare opportunity to play quality teams not only to gain experience, but raise their performance to match these teams.

Consistency has been a taboo word in Malaysian sports, and it is hoped that Rajagobal's will give a new meaning to the word in the Malaysian context.

Below are the summary of the rankings of the three teams:

Minimum and Maximum


Highest FIFA ranking - 75 - August 1993.
Lowest FIFA Ranking - 170 - April 2008.
Best Mover - 21 - April 1996
Worst mover - 23 - October 1995


FIFA World Cup™ appearances
1 (2002)
Continental titles
Asian Nations Cup (1984, 2004)
Best Results
Olympic Football Tournament Women Final (1996), FIFA Women's World Cup Final (1999), FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup Final (2004, 2006)
FIFA Women's World Cup Final (1995)

Highest FIFA ranking - 37 - December 1998.
Lowest FIFA Ranking -108 - July 2009.
Best Mover - 32 - December 1998
Worst mover -28 - December 1999


Highest FIFA ranking - 68 - December 2008.
Lowest FIFA Ranking - 137 - July 2007.
Best Mover - 23 - July 2008
Worst mover -22 - July 2006

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