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FA of Malaysia take ZIFA to task?

Malaysia FA: ZIFA lacks respect

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Malaysia FA blasts ZIFA deception
by: Sports Reporters

THE Football Association of Malaysia last night accused the Zimbabwe Football Association of lacking respect and questionable integrity after it was duped into believing Monomotapa were the Zimbabwe national team.

Monomotapa arrived in Malaysia last Saturday and played two “international” friendly matches with the hosts.

Malaysia, ranked 157th in the world, won the first friendly 4-0 on Sunday, followed up with a 1-0 victory on Tuesday.

As our exclusive pictures show, Malaysian television, the FA of Malaysia (FAM) and newspapers all thought Rodwell Dhlakama’s men were the national team based on ZIFA letters CONFIRMING just that.

Malaysia coach K. Rajagopal said: “I was told that this is the Zimbabwean national team. I will need to check on this and only then can I speak my mind over the matter.”

Confronted by Malaysian journalists, FAM general secretary Datuk Azzudin Ahmad said: “Look at this letter and tell me what you understand from it. It states clearly they are sending their national side.

“From one national FA to another, there has to be mutual respect. When we are told that this is their national team, we take their word for it. We do not question it because that would be questioning their integrity.”

That letter was signed by ZIFA CEO Henrietta Rushwaya who told New on Wednesday that she was on leave when the trip was arranged.

“Somebody could have written that letter from my office. It could be possible my office cleared them. We cannot rule that out,” Rushwaya said.

Later, she told Thursday’s Herald: “Having looked at the Warriors programme and felt that the national team really had nothing to benefit from these matches, and in view of the fact that the invitation came late for ZIFA to put together a team, we extended the invitation to Monomotapa because they were the ones who would benefit more in light of their Champions League assignments.”

Keeping up the deception, Monomotapa used the national team strip in the two friendly matches. On the FAM website, the matches continue to be described as “against Zimbabwe” and there is no reference to Monomotapa.

Rushwaya said the use of the national team strip was unacceptable, telling New “Heads will roll.”

Monomotapa also face action from the Premier Soccer League (PSL) after they failed to turn up for their league match against Highway on Sunday.

PSL secretary general Kennedy Ndebele said: “If a club wants to tour, they write to us, and we apply on their behalf to ZIFA. ZIFA also gets clearance from the Sports and Recreation Commission.

“They are then given a head of delegation, usually a member of the ZIFA assembly. I don’t know who their head of delegation was. I can confirm, however, that we got notice from them late on Friday, and it was too late to cancel their match.

“So we have asked them to provide us a report giving reasons why they did not play Highway.”

Deceived ... FA of Malaysia website announces friendly with Zimbabwe

Monomotapa treasurer Bhekithemba Ndlovu, returning from Malaysia, said they had been invited by ZIFA to go on the trip which would aid their preparations for Sunday’s Champions League clash with Etoile du Sahel.

He defended their use of the national team strip, claiming they were “representing the country”.

He said: “We acknowledged that this was no ordinary friendly match in which a club was playing a national team ... We then took it upon ourselves that we could use the national colours.

"When we go out of the country for the Champions League, the fans who come to watch our matches and cheer us are not the usual Monomotapa fans . . . they will be waving the Zimbabwean flag and will be dressed in national colours because they appreciate the fact that we will be representing the country.

"We believe we were right to use that kit and we believe we did everything above board.”

The yellow and green strip was a replica kit purchased from a Harare sports shop, he said.

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Monoz Malaysia trip controversy
by: Nkanyiso Moyo

ZIFA were sucked into an international football scandal on Monday after it emerged they may have conspired to pass Monomotapa as the Zimbabwe national team for international friendly matches with Malaysia.

Monomotapa failed to pitch up for a league match with Highway on Saturday after they left Zimbabwe without approval from the Premier Soccer League (PSL).

Malaysia were scheduled to play Liberia in two international A-friendly matches but the FA of Malaysia (FAM) called off the games because the Liberians were not bringing their first team.

An invitation was then extended to ZIFA who sent Monomotapa, with the FAM reportedly picking up the bill.

Monomotapa were hammered 4-0 by the Malaysians in the first friendly on Sunday. They play again on Tuesday.

Local newspapers trumpeted a “rousing win by Malaysia”. The New Straits Times said: “It was just the start a young national side needed under a new coach as Malaysia crushed Zimbabwe 4-0 in an international friendly at the KLFA Stadium in Cheras.”

In a story headlined ‘Malaysia thrash Zimbabwe 4-0 in friendly game’, the news agency Bernama said: “Malaysia ran rings all over Zimbabwe to beat them 4-0 in a friendly at Kuala Lumpur Football Stadium in Cheras here Sunday.”

Malay Mail sports journalist Haresh Deol told New “We in Malaysia are said to be hosting the Zimbabwe national team for an international friendly match recognised by FIFA.

“When I asked coach Rodwell [Dhlakama] yesterday about the line up being Monomotapa United or the Zimbabwe national team, he insisted it was the Zimbabwe national team and not the club side.

“Based on the team list we have, all 18 players are that of Monomotapa including their latest signing Tendai Gwata.

“We're now wondering if the Zimbabwean Football Association are well aware of this. Please take note that FIFA has considered this as an A-international match and thus will effect the ranking position of both teams. For the record, Zimbabwe national team are ranked above Malaysia in the FIFA rankings.”

PSL secretary general Kennedy Ndebele said Monomotapa’s trip was not sanctioned.

ZIFA CEO Henrietta Rushwaya said she was on leave until Thursday and could not comment on Monomotapa’s trip.

But a ZIFA source said: “In light of Monomotapa’s forthcoming Champions League engagements, we thought the Malaysia friendlies would benefit them.

“But their participation in those matches depended on them getting clearance from the PSL, which they insist they sought but got no reply. There is clearly a reason to believe Monomotapa have done this without PSL and therefore ZIFA permission.”

The ZIFA official insisted the Malaysian FA had been made aware that they were playing the Zimbabwean champions and not the national team.

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