Saturday, May 30, 2009


FA of Malaysia competition committee’s decision to endorse the recommendation by the disciplinary board (DB) to revoke the suspension is yet another sign of weakness. Refer to this.

I sympathise with Kelantan with their financial woes owing to the ban, but there cannot be any compromise when it comes to security at football matches when it involves the lives of the public.

There are rules to be followed in sports, and when compromise is made, we are courting trouble.

The disciplinary board made a decision after studying the case carefully in the first instance, and they should have stuck with their decision. Otherwise, they should have considered all the consequences, and probably given a lighter sentence.

Of course, it is a right for anyone to appeal, but sometimes, one has to look at the severity of the case before succumbing to sympathy and emotions in altering decisions.

Indications are that the national soccer body has once again bowed down to pressure.

I just hope that no untoward incidents occur at the Mohamad IV Stadium in the remaining matches that cause the FA of Malaysia to regret their decision.

FA of Malaysia will have Kelantan first fulfill certain obligations before their next home match against UPB FC-MyTeam on June 16. It will be interesting to see what these obligations and how different is going to be from all the other teams who are required to meet security requirements.

Is FA of Malaysia continuing to bend backwards on their decisions, every time the affiliates appeal or come up with threats that they will be withdrawing from the League.?

Already, Kelantan could be courting trouble by giving their fans a treat, as Kafa plans to mark the re-opening of the stadium with a friendly against Premier League side Proton on June 5 and another against FA Cup champions Selangor on June 9 with entry being free for both matches!

How is Kafa going to have crowd control and adhere to capacity of the Stadium without selling tickets? At worst, Kafa should charge RM1, for accountability.

Kelantan maybe happy with the decision, but it is hoped that FA of Malaysia is not further embarrassed by their change of decisions.

The one year ban on Kelantan from playing at home was imposed due to an outbreak of violence outside the stadium after the FA Cup semi-final first leg between Kelantan and Negri Sembilan on Apr 7.

The current change in decision is the second time FAM has reversed itself in a case involving Kelantan.

FAM last month also cancelled its decision to award three points to KL Plus for the washed out opening Super League fixture against Kelantan in Kota Baru after finding the Sultan Mohamed IV Stadium pitch unsuitable for play.

Kelantan went on to win the re-scheduled fixture 1-0 at the National Stadium, their first win at their temporary home venue, last Tuesday.

In sports one sometimes have to be cruel to be kind.

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