Monday, November 16, 1992

We got it right! (The Malay Mail)

MANY A dream of soccer players are made in Cup finals.
For Pahang rookie Zulhamizan Zakaria, Saturdays final was more like an
achievement which comes once in a lifetime.
No one can take away his goal which came only 98 seconds into the match.
And the Cup returned to Pahang after nine years.
Zulhamizan, 23, had every reason to be on Cloud Nine because his goal is
probably the fastest in Cup final He was the most unlikeliest player to
score, having netted only three times in the Semi-Pro league.
However, MailSport were spot on, having tipped Zulhamizan as Pahangs
probable winner last Friday.
"As much as I had wanted to score, I didnt expect it would happen so
early in the game," said a delighted Zulhamizan.
"It has been fantastic for me and I do not think I would ever get to
feel the same way again. Ever."
The modest Zulhamizam said victory was a team effort. "The coaches,
officials, reserves, players and fans deserve all the credit."
Zulhamizan was surprised he was announced Man-of-the Match.
"I felt Alan Davidson was the righful person. Afterall, it was his pass
that led to the goal."
Yesterday, however the FAM overturned their decision and gave it to
Coach Mike Brown was happy for Zulhamizam.
"He certainly turned out to be the ace in the pack. It may have been a
simple goal off a mistake but Zulhamizans vision to challenge Azmi Mahmud
got us the winner."
For Zulhamizan it was an proud and historic moment and he can expect
more memorable moments.
Nine years ago when Pahang won the Cup, Zulhamizan, then 14, had lined
the streets to welcome the team.
Today, he returns to the same streets, but this time the new hero.

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